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The advantages of web-based application 
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The advantages of web-based applications

Our system – in order to your data can always be safe and accessible from anywhere –is available fully via the Internet.


What are the benefits of online operation?

  • continuous backed up (automatically)
  • more workstation can be operated per store, and more stores can be managed simultaneously
  • not to be bothered with the installation, updating
  • using remote support become more simple
  • to be operated almost on any computer (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
  • to be available in equivalent mobile devices
  • the catalogue data is automatically updated
  • anytime, anywhere to achieve the system always transmits the most current data
  • even if your computer can go bankrupt, your data can not go wrong.


Rapid remote support

The lack of presence of skilled IT professionals can cause problems at traditional programs. We can compensate this by means of the remote support. Our colleagues are at your service anytime by the used technology. Is webiris office located far from your store(s)? No problem! The remote support takes you near, either during the learning of usage, or in the course of the operation you need for professional help. If you permit, within a few minutes we can connect to your computer, and by means of the shared usage of mouse- and screen we can help you, or your colleagues in using webiris, thus sparing you the fee for field-work, and relieving for your staff to determine the exact problem.


What do our clients say about webiris? They are the ones who use our system on a daily basis..


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