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„ My name is Margit Klara Nagy. I am the manager of L’ottica Eyecare Practice. I had been searching for THIS software for about 10 years when an acquaintance of mine recommended Webiris for me. When I contacted the creators I was shocked about the extensive list of features this system offers…it had everything I wished for, so to say.

I have consulted many developers to create a software that can manage my shops’ stocks and thousands of customers’ spectacle details, worksheets and personal details. As a mother with small children it is an invaluable feature to me that I can view my stores, daily turnover, statistics and stock analysis from any part of the world, I know what’s going on in my stores even from my own home. I have been using this great product for about one and a half year and I can safely recommend it for any optician’s store’s managers for a highly qualified team stands behind this software that has always been eager to implement all our requests and development ideas to make it more user friendly and to get it as close to the demands of an optician’s store’s work process as possible.

It could be giving orders or sms messages to customers about the finished product – elements serving comfort and also cost effectiveness. What else do we need nowadays?”

Margó Nagy, L’ottica Eyecare Practice

” We have been using the system at Junior Optics, Debrecen. In the beginning it had been a little bit odd to me and for the customers as well but we soon got used to it. Sending an sms when a worksheet is completed makes customer notification extremely simple. Using it we can save time and money. The lens catalogue helps a great deal when it comes to ordering lenses for only the lenses with appropriate parameters could be added to the order, the system warns for the mistake. Printed worksheet is more aesthetical and readable than the good old carbon paper. “

Katalin Molnár, Junior Optical Store

” Two years ago the demand emerged that my customers’ details should be kept in a record separated from the organized worksheets. There were many cases when a customer knew that about her glasses only that she had been wearing scarf and cap when she has ordered them and she expected us to make her a new pair of glasses similar to the old, and we had no choice but to search through the worksheets. Daily cases like these directed me to search a program specialized for optician’s stores.

I have asked my acquaintances what they were using and for their suggestions I gave a go to a tried-and-true software. In that system I found nothing objectionable, however I didn’t really like the menu and I it seemed odd to me that only minor improvements could be made. This lead me to look for a real solution on the internet.

Luckily I have found an offer that I thought to be a shame to miss, for a one month free trial was offered on the homepage.
Besides this possibility it also arose my interest that I was promised if something works improperly or I have some suggestions about anything that should be done other ways, the programmers will be open for this task and are willing to make the changes.

When the demo month began I started a full scale testing and wrote some error report to the guys and they answered all of them, one after another, and repaired the problematic parts as soon as possible. The software has not been working properly by that time. A great advantage that the software is internet based, so I could continue testing even at home.

After the evaluation month expired the business was sealed; since that all my customers’ details and worksheets are recorded. The program is highly user friendly. Clear, logical and due to the constant upgrades it is very up to date. It is also important that when I came across some difficulties or bugs I could always reach a programmer via phone or sms message and he always returned my call. My suggestions are considered, and in many cases they rethink them and are implemented.

The program is able to record every spectacle and contact lens details. Worksheets, invoices, vouchers could be assigned to customers. I don’t have to fill the spectacle lens catalogue, they are already in the system. The latest development is the record of examination cartons, which was implemented due to our requests and demands, and now it is possible for an optometrist to record the information. Since the system is an internet based software it was not necessary to connect my machines in a difficult system, this was also a fortunate thing.

We have been using the software since April, 2008. During this period it evolved a great deal to a direction we, the users determined, and this is a very good thing for we are the ones to use it day by day. It helps our job a great deal, and I have made the right decision when I chose WEBIRIS! “

Mrs Nóra Fábián Knipfer, Optikalász Optical Store

” We have long been waiting for a reliable software developed especially for optician shops, but no program we tried before offered us a satisfying solution. At first we were a bit afraid that webiris id web based but we have no objections any more for there were no hold-ups, it has been working perfectly in our shops for more than two years.

The webiris team takes our comments and suggestions remarkably seriously, improvements are based on these. If we had any problems we could have always count on their fast help. I can safely recommend webiris to all my colleagues for it is a professional, easily controllable, feature rich piece of software that is an invaluable help in an optician’s store! “

Zoltán Egri, Focus Optical Store

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