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Try our system!

We offer two possibilities to test our system: quick test which is suitable for a quick glimpse (the entered data are stored only for 24 hours); and applying for the one month trial during which we provide advanced user support for exploring and using the functions. Both possibilities are completely free and there are no obligations included.

Quick test

One Month Trial

  • free quick trial
  • immediate login
  • only name and email is necessary
  • shared system with other quick testers
  • runs on a test server (slower)
  • the database is flushed in every 24 hours (entered data are deleted)

Take the Quick Test!

  • free use for one month
  • necessary informations: name, email, phone number, name of optician’s store
  • own, separated trial system
  • runs on the production server
  • could be licenced with arbitrary number of users and shops
  • entered data are continuously saved
  • constant user support and help

Apply for the One Month Trial


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